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Hi, I’m trying to publish an app with thunkable X, but Play Store doesn’t let me. The message that they return to me is that I need a privacy policy for the application, because they are requesting permissions for the microphone, the camera and the contacts.
In my application no data is collected, nor is the camera, microphone or contacts used.
I have tried to publish another app with a single button, and I can’t, they keep asking for the privacy policy.
Has this happened to anyone?
Could you fix it?
Thanks for the help

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That sounds great @fjfon - you will need to explicitly state this in your privacy policy so.

Do you have someone in your company that handles data protection issues? Are you based in the EU or elsewhere?

You really shouldn’t be trying to publish apps like this - they don’t provide any values to users and Google will remove them.

Can you tell us some more about the current app you are trying to create and publish?

My question is why I need a privacy policy if you do not use the camera, contacts or microphone. The app does not represent any company, it is its own information project. I live in Spain

I didn’t mean to publish it, it was just a test. The strange thing is that they tell me that in that simple app I am requesting access to the camera, the microphone and the contacts. How can that be possible?
Does it happen with all apps developed with Thunkable X?

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Are you using the webviewer in your app?

Hey @fjfon :vulcan_salute:

Here is one example of a privacy policy. They are honestly really simple and straightforward if you’re not google or Facebook.

Do a google search for “privacy policy template generator”

I would be happy to host these for anyone on my sever I’d they desired. I can at that point share the url to the policy.


Completely off-topic, but that’s great! :joy:

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The hand or the policy? :joy:

I thought he needed a privacy policy. That held me up the first time through publishing.

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The Vulcan salute had me chuckling!

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No, I’m not using WebViewer

I still hope I don’t have to use a privacy policy, but I’ll keep you in mind if I have to

Thanks for the help

What components are you using in your app @dabdd624793e4c ?

¡¡de nada!! ¡Esperaré noticias tuyas!