Read data in a Firebase Realtime Database (with video tutorial)

Video Tutorial

In this short video tutorial, you’ll learn how to read data from a connected Firebase Realtime Database:

Template App

  1. Navigate to: Firebase Read Data - TEMPLATE
  2. Click Copy Project in the upper right.

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Let the community know….

  • Share examples of your database structure to help inspire ideas!
  • What challenges have you experienced when reading data in a Firebase Realtime Database?

If you have questions or feedback about the tutorial, please share them in the comments below.


That’s a great start for people wanting to learn to access Firebase. But I think people are going to run into immediate challenges when trying to access more complex data structures.

Three things I’d like to see added to this video or expanded upon in a follow-up video:

  1. How to use the Join command to specify a path to a Firebase key, especially when variables such as userId are involved.

  2. How to access an item in an array (aka list) and loop through an array from Firebase.

  3. How to specify object properties using a single text string such as “Property.subProperty[1].leafProperty”

Also, an explanation or link to how to parse JSON (e.g. using CodeBeautify) would be useful since it can be confusing for people to figure out how to reference certain property key names.

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