Pull firebase JSON data

I have saved this data in firebase.

I have no idea how to use “get property of object” or any other function like this to display this data in the app. Can anybody please help?

I want to use firebase and i am able to save the data but now i have no idea how to display this in the app.

If you want to understand JSON, I recommend starting with this video I made: API JSON Tutorial (Video)

But if you only need to get data from Firebase, it’s as simple as using a cloud variable with the path to that value such as “CICPhjX7MIgg9FGH8Cp1vo52GQD3/phonebook/cousin/name” which would return “david”.

You can see an example of what that looks like here: I want to manage the user's account! - #7 by tg.202212281f5yop

Also check out the Cloud Variables video that is part of the documentation: Variables - Thunkable Docs

can you please provide a sample block on my use case.
I am not able to implement anything from my end

I provided several examples in the links above. If you’re stuck, post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried.

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