Quiz App back and forward option

I have created a quiz app where within the same screen can press the “forward” button to next question and “back” button to previous question.

How to create the blocks where:

When I answer the question with selected option ( A,B,C & D) then if I go to next question and if back to previous question should see back my previous selected answer ?

Example 1 : 
Question 1 : If answer B and C where C is the correct answer,
Then I press forward button for Question 2 and go back to Question 1 then should see both my wrong and correct answer.

Example 2:
Question 2: I answer A where this is correct answer.
Then I press back button to go Question 1. ( At this stage I want to see my previous selected answer)

Later if I go back to Question 2: At this stage, I should see the selected answer that I choose before -Answer A .

Then If I go to Question 3, I should select the answer and should not carry forward from the previous page.

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This really depends on how you’ve set up your project so far. If you’re using a data source for the questions and answers and you have a single quiz screen with placeholder labels and images, you just need a question number variable that changes as the user goes “forward” and “backward” through the questions.

You’re welcome to post the link to your project and someone may be able to help with this.



Here is the link for my project and hope someone can help me.


Hi @rajanrj529, Maybe you could put each question on its own screen and program the screen to get the data and then navigate through screens for forward and backward options.

Could you make this link public?

Hello! I find this really simple because I made something very similar 1 or 2 days ago, except I don’t have a forward and backward button, instead I have a slider.

Link: https://x.thunkable.com/projectPage/60213176e2e36a54a78c15f1

I’d recommend avoiding this method for creating a quiz. It’s a ton of work to change/fix individual question screens when set up this way. Much better to use dynamic variables/blocks on a single screen. That way, if you have 5 questions, it uses one screen and if you have 500 questions, it still uses one screen (not 500 screens!).

I meant like 5 question quiz apps. But It is not a good idea for the big quiz apps.


I have 1 screen with 50 questions.


The link you posted doesn’t work.

This is a Quiz project. The idea is to show back/next button. So the project is not complete and you will need to revisit the codes as now it’s not proper.


Dear All:
Thank you for all your responses and below is my project link again and hope you guys can open and review.


I have edited and can go back and forward.
The problem is the selected answer will carry forward to next page or previous page questions.

I want the selected answer to remain in the same page and when go to new questions should clear and need to choose the new answer.

Note: Ignore the issue for answer A .

It works ok but after one question you might want to uncheck the last option and clear the incorrect/correct label to not confuse users.


How to selected answer to remain in the same page and when go to new questions should clear and need to choose the new answer ?

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Look at the example I shared earlier. I created it just to show one way of how you can achieve the requirement you where talking about.

Hi Muneer:

The sample project that you provide is not fixing my issue.

If answer selected then it carry forward to next question and so.

My requirement was the chosen answers/answer should remain in the same question and should not carry forward to next questions. Also, when go back to the given answer question, then should able to see selected answers.

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This is exactly what I showed in the project.

See this…

This is my lesson application and its language is Turkish.
But if what you want to do is something like this I can help.

eG-Ders Testler Tanıtım

PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmail.emregoker1903.egderscopy2 .

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