Quiz Help- need to navigate between screens if they go to correct or incorrect screen


I am need of some assistance on how I can get my code to navigate if the students land on the correct page (if they get to here, it should take them to the next set of quiz), otherwise if they get it wrong (it will take them to the incorrect page and then they can repeat the question)


A bit quick and dirty but have a look here -


Essentially you need to keep a track of what quiz you are on and therefore where to go next after a correct answer.

You can also increment a counter for every first try correct answer and then show that on a Finish screen.


Updated Quiz

Did a bit more work. The current model that you used would mean that you have to hardcode a screen for every single question which would be very unsustainable. The ideal way is to use a datasource to hold the questions, possible answers and correct answer.

You then use only 1 page to present the questions. If the selection made is incorrect, the incorrect page announcement screen is called and the user is returned to the same screen which used the same question number to pull from the datasource.

If the answer is correct, the question number is incremented and the next question is presented.

You can also do this if you don’t want to use the function.

Have one of these for each button

Have a look through and if you have any questions, let me know.

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