Questions regarding DB, Revenuecat,Source code, Custom branding

I would like to know if,

  1. Any database can be used as backend or restricted to the backends listed in the integrations page? I would like to use MongoDB or Supabase.

  2. Is it possible to integrate Revenuecat to the App?

  3. Would I be able to get the complete source code or is this vendor locked in?

  4. In the Pro plan I see Custom branding is not showing as an option, however on a forum post I see its an option. Just to confirm, under pro plan, will the App show Thunkable as the brand name?

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Any db you can connect to with a REST api interface!

Not at the moment. We do support admob, however.

We do not make the source code available.

Nope! It will show your logo. The custom branding (at the moment) refers to the Thunkable logo being present in published web apps.

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