Ad Attribution Options

I wasn’t able to find if these features exist, but it would be great if Thunkable offered integrations with popular attribution partners or at least a single partner similar to OneSignal for push notifications and RevenueCat for monetization (i.e. Adjust, AppsFlyer, Singular, Facebook Ads, Apple Search Ads etc.). Has anyone discovered ways to do this within existing functionality or have I missed something obvious? From what I could tell I’d need to install the SDKs into the app which I don’t believe I have control of via Thunkable.

Hi @mjgillis
Both RevenueCat (in drag&drop interface) and OneSignal (i’m using it now in the snap to place interface) are implemented in Thunkable.

You can read the docs for RevenueCat here, and for OneSignal in here.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for letting me know. The feature request I’m asking for is for ad attribution partners such as the below list:

  • Adjust
  • AppsFlyer
  • Singular
  • Facebook Ads
  • Apple Search Ads
  • etc.

I call out RevenueCat and OneSignal because I like these existing integrations and would like the ad attribution partners to work similarly :slight_smile: