Mongodb with x.Thunkable?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience doing a CRUD app for Thunkable using MongoDB?
Does anyone know if MongoDB has an API that we can posisbly use with Thunkable’s WebAPI?

I need to create an app that can accommodate tens of thousands (~25,000+) record, each with about 70 field. Any suggestions for a low-to-no cost cloud-based solution?



Does anyone know if MongoDB has an API

I think this question is better asked on the MongoDB forum

PrestoAPI connects to mongoDB


Hi @actech

I know that MondoDB indeed has an API.

My question was intended to inquire if anyone within the X.Thunkable Community has had an experience building an App that communicates (CRUD) operations with a mongoDB, so I can learn how to best set it up.
I have done CRUD to a MondoDB via node.js and other tools, but would like to create a Thunkable app instead.


I will check it out.

thanks @jared

@tonyz80 hi, I am building an app with similar requirements. I would like to know your recommendations. I have checked PrestoAPI with MongoDB ( as @jared recommended and it looks like a feasible solution.

I was planning to use mainly Firebase as an initial solution (which will be changed later) for data storage (orders) and especially because of the listener function that is supported with Firebase. Nevertheless, I was planning to sync data with google sheet to allow the integration with other systems that are easily designed with google sheet (ex. Another Thunkable app or AppSheet, … for HR and Customer Support).

Would be happy to arrange a meeting if possible. But in all cases would appreciate your recommendations.