Cloud firestore in thunkable x?

I don’t think any tutorial taught how to use cloud firestore.
Has anyone used it?

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how configure

Hey @ronymarcosdci,

There was a post created before about this, linked below:

I tried to boost this topic back again by replying to it but didn’t seem to get any answer. The original poster never confirmed if they got it to work from @jane’s solution, though in theory using the REST API should work using the Web API Component.

I am yet to get this to work properly, as I don’t know a lot about token parameters, and so the documentation for the API appears a little bit confusing. I do however get an error code so if you can pass through your token(s) (API-Key/Auth User ID if you’re using rules) then it should be fine :slight_smile:

Hopefully this reply is another step forward for you to get this working.