Question on the creation of a water tracker app

Hey yall, I’m 14 and interested in app design. I’m trying to create this app that lets you take a quiz to determine the minimum of how many times you should wash your hands in a day, then whenever you press this button signifying that you washed your hands, the daily number goes down by one- at the end of 24 hours, it resets back to the minimum value. It’s essentially a normal water tracker app.

I have a basic idea, but my execution always goes wrong. Can anyone help me on how you can create a tracker task with a 24-hour countdown until it resets to the basic value?


Hey @covidviperapph :wave:! Sounds like a sweet app!

you could do this two ways.

Follow this logic:

Initialize a stored var named savedTime
Set stored savedTime = join text (current month + current day)

Then check
if savedTime ≠ join text (current month + current day)
Reset counter


do we have to use a timer for the Reset counter? How exacly do you do that?