How do I reset an in-app value each day?

I was trying to make a calorie counter that resets daily. pls help me plsssssssssssss

Hello sqz …
When using Thunkable, try to think as simpler as possible… The easier way is in most of the cases the fastest method.
Regarding your issue: Why do you need for “resetting” to think about if app is open or closed ?
Let’s assume that your data is organized like an object with multiple properties. One of these properties can be the actual datetime. When accessing next time this data, you just compare current datetime with datetime saved and if required, reset it and put current datetime as the new datetime property and so on. If other calculations need to be done in the time past, well, just do it calculating how long since last datetime.

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can you pls show me the code i don’t understand

The direct answer is NO… And not because I’m someone that I don’t want to help, but because general info like: " I want to make something and don’t know how" lead us to general explanations also… like I did… On this stage, I don’t know how your data looks like or what you did already.
On the other hand, I see this is your first post here… So, welcome :blush:
The normal way is to read Thunkable docs, especially about components you plan to use… Try to do something and show us what you did… and I’m sure you will get all the help this community can provide.


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