Question about the "count with" block

All my apps with “count with” blocks crashed and showed this:

help pls!!!

Do you mean the ‘for loop’?

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using @juschan0605 ?

We can’t suggest a solution if we can’t see what you are doing in the first place.



Designer View

Blocks View on Splash screen

Blocks View on Main screen

I think the app size or the blocks number are too large that thunkable live viewer cannot handle it…
Every time it crashes when I add for loop blocks or count with blocks for lists and animations…
Hope Thunkable can fix that!

Also, when I build or download the app on my iphone it works. So I think its just the live viewer’s problem.

can you click on Reset???

It resets the page and shows the alert again.

And now the thunkable icon is broken too!

@juschan0605 if you rebuild does it fix this issue?

Are you using a custom icon in your app?

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It’s the thunkable live app’s icon that is broken.
Reinstall it fixed the issue, but the crash makes the app icon broken again