PWA's and webviewer access?


I am trying to publish a PWA and having trouble loading some websites. Are there limitations to what can be loaded with the webviewer?
in particular, i cannot load this

or any site.
for example
here is my PWA for reference.

these don’t work in the web preview. the PWA, or the in browser companion app.

I can only view these in the downloaded app or the live companion app on the phone.

Now it works in my phone companion app but crashes the pwa and browser companion

and also if submitting in AppStore, the webviewer leave empty, but not while testing is working well

Yes, any webserver that provides “X-Frame-Options” in the header of their response won’t work in the webviewer of a web published app. This is a restriction on putting websites in a frame for security purposes:

The Baker Technology site has “x-frame-options: DENY” for example, which doesn’t allow the page to be put in an iframe.


Thank you so much @paulmw!!