Push notification with out one signal

hi, my app needs push notification feature…
there is a push-notification component, but it uses one-signal service…
is it possible to implement push-notification in thunkable with out one-signal?..my server can send push notifications…


Join the line notification connection function, use webhook (the component is web api) and line or email to pair.
Of course, users must pair themselves. Give you the api, you can request the format yourself first, as long as you have the api and collect your database, you can make other apps (for your own use) to send notifications ( Send a message to everyone.)


For Push Notification to function while your app is not active, you will need One Signal or similar service.

IFTTT is good but it is not free and you have to convince your users to download, install IFTTT and register in it to be able to receive notification in their devices.

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There are 3 free for each person.

No need to download and install.

Just use google

Utilize and upgrade normal personnel.

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thunkable live ios app update
This is an automatic update notification. Line group. If everyone is the same, try using the line group.

How will anyone do this without using OneSignal.

This would require the use of a different push message sdk, wouldn’t it?

Do you have a working example using a different service @tony.ycy.program


You will not be able to achieve a push notification level but you can do it through email if the app is not installed.

When you install IFTTT in your device then you will see system notifications just like calender or other native apps.

https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/"webhook project name"/with/key/"your key"?value1="your value 1"&value2="your value 2"&value3="your value 3"

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@sumeshoouh Is the notification you want personalized or is it the same for everyone?