Push Notification Updates

We are rolling out an update to the Push Notification component on Android and iOS, which should fix the notification permission issue on the latest OS only (Android 13, iOS 16).

This iOS fix is released as July 13, 2023.

On Android, we are planning to release the improvement in the next two weeks because we need to update our Android Target SDK to Android 13 / API 33. This will require a moderate amount of work and testing. In the meantime, we also have a solution for you on Android, so you don’t need to wait for the updates. Please follow the steps below:

According to Google:

If a user installs your app on a device that runs Android 13 or higher, your app’s notifications are off by default. Your app must wait to send notifications until after you request the new permission and the user grants that permission to your app.

The time at which the permissions dialog appears is based on your app’s target SDK version:

  • If your app targets Android 13 or higher, your app has complete control over when the permission dialog is displayed. Use this opportunity to explain to users why the app needs this permission, encouraging them to grant it.
  • If your app targets 12L (API level 32) or lower, the system shows the permission dialog the first time your app starts an activity after you create a notification channel, or when your app starts an activity and then creates its first notification channel. This is usually on app startup.

So, you can create a notification channel on your OneSignal account, which powers the Push Notification. You can follow the instruction here. As long as you create one, it should enable the push notification to go through.

We will keep you updated as we progress. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


The iOS fix is released.


Any update on this?

I just updated my Android app to API level 33 and created the notification channel. Didn’t try this for Android 13 though but for Android 12, which has also required explicit user consent for sending notifications. The notifications were off by default, so even with the notification channel, they didn’t go through (and the app didn’t ask for any permission to send notifications). For Android 10, however, the notifications went through as before. I was wondering if there was any solution to this or should we wait for you guys to update the platform and then update the app again. I remember Onesignal offering the option to prompt user for push notification permission, but at least in the past, it stopped working – didn’t try it now; rather, wanted to come here and ask you if you could update on what we should do now.