Missing Push Notification Entitlement

Due to the incompatibility issue with iOS13, I submitted a new build of my app to the Apple App Store only to have it rejected due to “Missing Push Notification Entitlement”. Granted, I have modified my app somewhat since it was originally published on the App Store, but I do not use notifications (to the best of my knowledge). I do use the Alert function. Could that be causing this side effect? Can someone please offer insight as to why I’m getting this issue with Apple and how to best resolve it?

I’m in a bind to get this app working for my customers under iOS13. Thanks!

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Hey @ctmorrison!

As strange as this might sound, can you try adding the Push Notification component and then removing it again?

(Did you by any chance already do something like this already?)

We updated to the latest version of OneSignal on Friday, but I think this should be a fairly straightforward fix.

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Hi @domhnallohanlon, I’ll give that a try. Is that a bug or what’s the basis for your recommendation? I have never used Push Notification on any of my apps – didn’t even know it existed, to be quite honest. Since I have to jump through these hoops anyway, I’m going ahead and eliminating Local Storage in favor of Stored variables while I’m in the app. That will at least make the effort to submit another version worthwhile. Thanks for your feedback and recommendation!

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