Push notifications missing with iOS AND now with Android 13 too [December 2022]

So, previously (like months ago) it became clear that with new Thunkable builds, iOS push notifications cannot be enabled for users the old way, i.e. the app requesting a permission to send them when the app is opened for the first time. Such a prompt is simply not there anymore. However, we found a somewhat OK workaround as outlined here: iOS notifications missing [Oct 2 2022]

However, now with Android 13, we’re in this mess again. Android 13 requires the app to request for the permission to send the notifications (as Apple has done for a while with iOS), but builds with Thunkable do not do this for Android 13 (as they evidently don’t do with iOS currently either), so practically you cannot send push notifications to users who have Android 13.

I tried with the same workaround as outlined for iOS before to address this Android 13 problem but it didn’t work this time. I got the in-app prompt asking to enable the push notifications, and I did so, but this didn’t enable the notifications after all.

So, long story short, the team should address this problem now for both iOS and Android 13 – i.e. that the app would request the permission to send push notifications when it’s opened for the first time. As the bug fix for iOS has been in the making for months I wonder if this is any priority for the team, but at least for me as a a paying customer it is. Thank you.

Ping @conroy33 @cassandra @domhnallohanlon @wei etc.

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TBH this really isnt good enough from thunkable. We pay quite a bit for the product, and they have introduced a bug some months ago that hasnt been fixed promptly.

Support were completely useless and didnt even acknowledge the problem until it was raised on the forum.

It actually is quite a significant bug, that should be a priority 1, sev 1 repair. I am really dissapointed with how badly thunkable have handled this, with no resolution in sight.

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Yeah, I share the sentiment. Ever since Thunkable announced the big investment they got, I feel like things have been changing–toward more advertising and less answering calls for improvements / bug fixes here on the forum, among the community. I wonder how sustainable path this is. Well, whatever it’s worth, I still try to believe in this platform–I think the underlying concept is even better than with, say, Bubble, at least for average users. With Bubble (major competitor) you can make really powerful apps, but the learning curve is more challenging and by default the apps will be web apps (even though you can wrap these as native), so if only Thunkable worked better, it could be something really wonderful. Well, these were my 2 cents.

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@ethosworkfi @chay Apologies all, I was out of office when this new topic was posted. I understand your frustration with this issue for iOS and now for Android. I will continue to push on this with our team to get the issue isolated and fixed asap.

Thanks for your understanding.

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I found this post looking for information. I uninstalled my app today while testing some things. I had no idea the latest version of my app was not working with notifications. I can confirm that my update from about a month or so ago also does not have notifications in the settings screen.

Thank you @conroy33 for your kind help–hope this will be resolved soon!

Happy New Year everyone!

Hey @ethosworkfi, is this fixed and pushed live yet?


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Not to my knowledge. :confused:

Would be really nice if this was fixed, but what can you do.

@conroy33, any updates on this in the past couple months?

Hi everyone, tracking our app for changes we noticed this bug on all builds this year on the IOS platform.
This is what I can contribute in addition to what has already been said.
When the testflight is sent or the application is launched, it is installed correctly, it generates the device id the same but remains as if it were waiting for the notification permission configuration dialog.

We also did the permission check in the app but the notification permission is not shown.

That in other applications if it shows.

All of the above was generated in a controlled environment with special credentials to verify that it was not an error on the part of the certificates or/or something else that has nothing to do with the thunkable.

@ioannis @matt_conroy @cassandra & other Thunkable staff –

I would like to remind you about this bug / problem that has persisted for quite some time. The issue lies in the inability to send notifications with the newer Android versions, as they require an explicit user permission request - a feature currently missing from Thunkable. Additionally, sending notifications for iOS has ceased to function as well.

As your team is diligently working on adapting Thunkable to accommodate newer frameworks (such as API33 for Android), it would be greatly appreciated if this pressing issue could be addressed as well.

I would also like to express my concern regarding the potential future problem with Airtable. As we are all aware, the current method of connecting to Thunkable is anticipated to become obsolete in the early part of next year. I kindly request that your team anticipates and mitigates this issue in advance to prevent any service disruption so that we don’t lose this feature as well.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. Thunkable is an excellent platform, and it would truly enhance our experience if the push notification functionality for both iOS and newer Android versions could be restored. Furthermore, I sincerely hope we can avoid any disruption in the connection with Airtable come next year.

Keep up the good work!

Any updates on this? I’m having the same issue.

I have push notifications setup through OneSignal, I have the push notification enabled in identifiers for ios but users aren’t being prompted to enable push notifications.

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@eric.davis0528ydo @softwarejz @ethosworkfi @deanmachine @chay @ronnie Apologies for the long delay here. We have just released v413-4 which addresses this issue. Push Notifications for iOS are working now. Please see this post on a work-around for the Android platform–we will be working on a permanent fix for that in the near future.

Thanks, all! Please reach out if we can answer any further questions.

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