Push Notification Behaviour

Hi - I have read the documentation but want to know before i start if it is possible to send a push notification automatically “when an event occur” without me as a user sending it.

in my case i want the event to be checked by the app in the BG without me trigger a check…
Maybe a fussy question but i’ll try and see you understand me ?

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If you mean to code your blocks that a Push Notification is sent when your code detects an error then yes,

If you try to search for a user profile photo and could not locate it you want to send a notification instead of use the standard alert then YES. because you are coding it to use the notification.

If this is not your intention then I might have misunderstood the question.

Hi Muneer Sorry for my late reply and comment.

Lets say you and i is having the app only.
And none of us has started the app
Still i want a check to be done in the background (Against an external API)
And “if true” send push notifications to you and me

It sounds to good to be true if this is possible - But just have to check… :smiley:
Hope this is better explained.

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Thunkable currently does not support background operations. This means you will not be able to perform your idea.

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Ok - Thats what was i though Thanks anyway.

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