Pulling data from Google Sheets and comparing it to a variable

I want to get the data from a table made in Google Sheets and compare it with a global variable which I have named BonosPaises. This variable collects the name of the card that has been clicked and saves it, once the card has been clicked it navigates to the next screen where I want that, from that variable, it checks with the table in Google Sheets and extract the data whose name is equal to the one of the variable. How do I go through all the data in a table in Google Sheets and put the data I want in a label?

Hello @betfitad3
The blocks that you will need depend on the data you have.
In general, you will need a loop and a condition inside,
Could you please share a screenshot of the block you tried to implement?

Okay, let me explain the problem. I have this table with different columns, what I want is that in that label, put the competitions that are in the tables, then check if there are repeated competitions delete it to clone the label as many times as there are different competitions. Thanks for your help in advance.

I upload again the code that looked wrong

@ioannis let’s see if you can help me with this, it’s costing me a lot.

Hello @betfitad3
Could you please share what is not working on your blocks?
Something that you could change is the “get value from” block here:


No no, the thing is that it works because in the array called “ListaCompeticiones”, I am putting the competitions whose name is equal to Champions League, what I would like is, somehow to be able to save in an array the competitions (without repeating) that exist and in another one, each competition with its respective local teams, visitors etc. In order to then be able to go through the array of the matches of each competition and go getting the data, that is to say, what I want is the following:

  • An array with the names of the competitions to be able to go through the array and then to be extracting the names of the competitions and to be creating as many Label as competitions there are.

  • Another array with the matches per competition, so I can get the matches of a single competition.

The thing is that I don’t know how to do any of this.

Hello @betfitad3 and Happy New Year :tada:
To create these arrays you need to add 2 more variables lists that will be set inside the loop as you are doing for ListaCompeticiones but insert into the lists other fields (the ones you want).