Publishing app to iOS App Store - tracking status, SKU

Hi all!
I think I submitted an app to the App Store… but I got two messages… one was from thunkable saying that the app had been submitted. The second was an error message saying that there was already one download in progress, and that my app was in queue. This was because an hour before I started the iOS App Store publishing process, I had put in a friend’s email to send the app to.
I didn’t get any confirmation email from Apple that my app had been submitted, and when I go to App Store connect, and My Apps, I don’t see my app. I need to add it, and it asks me for an SDK. Where do I get that?



Hum! Screenshot please?

Oops! Its SKU not SDK :slight_smile:

From ios - iTunes Connect: How to choose a good SKU? - Stack Overflow

You are able to choose one that you like, but it has to be unique.

Every time I have to enter the SKU I use the App identifier (e.g. de.mycompany.myappname) because this is already unique.

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thanks! I entered the information, but it seems this is for creating a new app. How do I track the status of the app I submitted through Thunkable? and I can;t seem to submit again, because I need a new mobile provisioning certificate…

You don’t need a new mobile provisioning profile when uploading new versions but only once year which is its lifespan and you will need to re-create it and use if for your new app versions. Can you post some screenshots of the steps you are experiencing issues with?