Publish on iOS: the "App info" does not display any more

Hi (I add some staff members, because I think it is an internal problem: @Mark @domhnallohanlon),

I successfully published an app some days ago on Apple App Store. Today I wanted to send an update to the app store, with the well-known steps “1.Register App 2.2FA 3.App store connect 4.App info”.

Now the “4.App info” does not show up any more, I am not able to finish the publishing process:

The screenshot shows that the workflow is in step 4, but the screen on the right side is still in step 3, and it stay in step 3.

Does this have something to do with the name change? Today I got an email from apple telling me they no longer call themselves “Apple Distribution International”?


Don’t tag people in the first post.


What happens when you press next?

Hi @Michael_Rogulla,

Thanks for reporting to help us keep improving! This issue should be resolved now. When you get a chance, please try again and please don’t hesitate to reach out again if any issue blocks you. We are happy to be helpful to you : )



Great work #teamthunkable!! @tingc you guys work so hard to make sure we have a working platform! Thank you!

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Hi @tingc and all the other people from Thunkable,

thank you for the fast help, it works again now. I am able to publish to appconnect.

Many thanks,

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