"Project Settings" for personal use


I only use the app personally. Do all fields in Project Settings have to be filled in?

WaAlaikum Assalaam (and yes, I know what it means.)
You can use translator if you don’t understand:
Not all have to be filled in, but you can fill it in IF:
For description: You want to describe what the app is more than the title.
For name: You will want to fill this in if you have a name for the app.
Icon: You want the app to have a logo.
App (Bundle) ID: It’s already put in, but the system in Android phones, like Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi and more will read it instead. This is how the system reads it if you don’t have iPhone.
Public app: You said this is for personal use, so maybe disable that.
Google Map Settings: For Android or iOS, there’s an app key that you can search up “API key definition”. Use it if your app relies on google map.
AdMob Settings: You might disable this due to personal use, but this is your ad account ID. The ad platform is AdMob.
Keystore Zip: ZIP file for your keystore. According to what I searched on Google:

A keystore can be a repository where private keys, certificates and symmetric keys can be stored.

Android Keystore: Keystore for android. Import means upload, export means download.
However, you are making it for personal use. So you may not need to worry about these things.
In conclusion, you WILL need one or more of them, if the above applies to you

Aha… is self-explanatory.
Thanks for the answer @afnanfozailcw81

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