Project missing

Hi! We were making an app for publishing on App Store and Play Store however as soon as we download the app to our mobiles the app in Thunkable disappear and we didn’t even had time to get some money to try to publish it on Play Store. And now we were trying to edit our project or even publish it on the web and the project is not there.
When we login on our Thunkable account it automatically ask us for what we are using Thunkable for. The problem is, we urgently need to publish the app as soon as possible because this is a entrepreneurship app. Please can you do something about it? We will wait for your answer.
Thank you

Hello @mesgra :wave:,
I am sorry to hear about your issue.

On April 2nd, we received a request from you to delete your account and we were obligated to delete the account with your email address.

When you click the “delete account” button in the settings section of the Thunkable Live app a confirmation pop-up appears that double-checks whether you actually want to delete your account or not.

In addition, an email is automatically sent to you informing you about your request. Unfortunately, as we didn’t receive an email from you that you want to keep your account, we deleted it.

You can create another account any time you want. Please let me know if you have any other questions.