Project bug "Thanks so much for your feedback!"

Is anyone seeing this at the bottom-right of their project page when editing a project?

I click the X and it just comes right back! :thinking:


yes, I’m also getting the “Thanks for your feedback” repeatedly. Also the system is crashing often tonight, perhaps but I’m not sure when I access a Google sheet and for sure airtable

me too
@Thunkable_Staff should solve it urgently because that’s disturbing me when I’m doing something.

I’m facing this too. When I click the cross it jumps right back. However, when I click the cross a second time, it disappears.

Yep, getting the same thing.

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your solution is working!


Thanks, everyone!

I’ve reported it on GitHub here: Project alert "Thanks so much for your feedback!" · Issue #1032 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

@David_Wolber At the moment, is down so I’m guessing that was affecting you as well.