Problems with Text to Speech

I can’t get in touch with someone on the team through the “get help” in the application pages.
I’m having different problems with the Text to Speech component: 1.- when I copy a page that I have saved using “save screen to my screens”,
in which I have “Text to Speech 1, 2 and 3”, the “text to speech 1” component is copied several times to the general program improperly
not so the “text to speech” 2 and 3, and so you have to delete those TTS 1, and recheck all the pages where they appear to
re-establish the proper relationship.
2.- As I am trying to make an App for learning English and Spanish vocabulary, and for this I am using different lists of pages and your
“Text to Speech”, with British, American and Spanish pronunciations. I was satisfied with the results on the computer, and I thought everything was ready,
but when I install the App on the phone, its delay in running is unacceptable: it takes 15-20 seconds to start, and as many
to change from Spanish to British, and from British to American pronunciations. So I need an aproach which may solve this huge problem.

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