Problems loading custom listviewer

Hi all, I’m facing some challenges with a custom listviewer - the same setup as shared by @jared and other users here. It loads sometimes and other times it just doesn’t.

I populate the listviewer upon initialization, and the issue is half the time it loads perfectly and the other half of the time the images just don’t appear. If I then restart the app it’d work fine (or not). I can’t seem to find any pattern governing when it works and when it doesn’t. Have tried a long time to figure this out, but can’t tell what’s wrong.

Anyone face the same issue before of an inconsistent custom listviewer?

Hey @fddog apologies for the delay getting back to you here, this sounds a bit unexpected alright.

To me it sounds like it might be an internet connection issue or a caching issue.

Is there any way you can create a smaller MWE (minimum working example) to isolate just this part of your app and start testing out what might be going on?


Did you use loop? If yes you may want to use wait x seconds

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Thanks. I did try isolating before - like just copying the listviewer part without the rest of the app. Didn’t manage to find an error.

Don’t think it’s an internet connection issue as it’s been consistently that way for a long time, and
How would I diagnose a caching issue?

@label1.visible-true, I did use a loop with a wait at the end of it. But maybe I’ll try a wait for every iteration.

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