Heavy bug - can you confirm it?

Hi there,

I am having big trouble with the thunkable X listview. when I only load one item, it shows an empty listview. I have two listviews on a screen and want to show the first listview and then select one item and then the seconde listview is opened, while the first disappears.

Thanks for your help



if you give a link to your project, then I’ll look it up.

Thanks for your offer. I might have already found the problem after one hour troubleshooting:

It seems that the “insert at last” component is okay for inserting two or more items to the “listviewer-textitems”. But do not use it for only one item!!

in case of only one item for the listview, you must use the simple list component with one item


Your problem is trickier. Try running my test project. If the Label.setText block is removed from the event handler, the list will not be displayed, if left, the list is perfectly displayed.


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This works fine now inside the loop:

But at the end after looping I need this also, because the “fill content” of the listview does not work (height of the row is set to 50 px)


Did you understand the idea of ​​my example? You need to create an invisible component and update it after adding values ​​to the ListViewer.

Another way is to use List, and then assign it to ListViewer. Simply put, List and ListViewer work differently and are designed to solve different problems, but you are trying to use ListViewer as List.

I cannot remove the block because the project is write-protected. But I think it points to an problem with the “insert-at-last”-block

If you make a copy of my project, you can edit it

ah nice, learned a new thing, I did not know that :slight_smile:

spooky behavior, I can confirm that

I think that you are right. This is a bug, because when you use two inserts in a row, the list is perfectly displayed, and after one - it is not displayed.

fun to troubleshoot with you :slight_smile: bye

not fixed yet? i can’t use it =(

You can be sure that the developers are completely focusing on the issue. From my naive point of view it has something to do with starting a list with index 0 or index 1.

The current issue has to do with the way that we store the new types of variables. We aren’t properly storing modified lists (or objects). We have an imminent release that will fix the issue in the majority of cases and are working on a complete fix that will be rolled out soon after.