Unable to add user input from textbox to list

Hello! I’m trying to create a to-do list and the idea was when they user clicks the add button, the text currently in the textbox is added as an element to the list, but nothing’s appearing when I test it on Live.

Here’s my code:

Thanks very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey ! Instead of using a variable, directly inset the listviewer block in the in list insert at

absolutely like @AcrobatEpee told you.

But be aware of the current bug: Currently it is not possible to insert at last in a listviewer which is empty!

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Hey @User81 ! I am having this issue of not being able to add in last, how do I fix it ? Should I add something like whatever and then start my list ?

Either use this

or avoid insert at last with listview. You might use a list variable and in the end assign the final list variable to listviewer.

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Hey ! I did this but still not working :confused: PLacing it at first isn’t good ?

your checking “if not null” is bad

sorry, this may sound hard, but your blocks are in a not so good order.

please share your project so I can arrange your blocks new

Hey ! My screenshot is just as you suggested in the article you sent. And my blocks are working fine so don’t waste your time for this hahaha. Can you just show me a method for which the first item of my list will add please ? Because for now, only the second one I enter show into the list, THanks !

I tried this as well but failed


definitely not :smiley:


“from Listvierwer1 set Textitems to from Listviewer1 get textitems”

makes no sense :wink: -> you can delete it

If you don’t put that block the list doesn’t update after you added the item to it, it definitely makes sense…

Unfortunely, you are right! My mistake : I underestimated how they ruined thunkable with the recent updates. It used to work fine a week ago :sunglasses:

please take a minute to find the difference between my recommendation and your design of blocks (I did not use “insert at first”)

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:expressionless:. That said, if I have no item in my list and I want to add my first item, which block do I use ?

either take the standard create list with 1,2,3, or take the empty list and use the gear button on the block

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Ok thanks !