Problems fetching Data Sources

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Hi, Thunkers,
When I click on the + sign to access the Data Sources, it shows me all of the data bases that I have, but all my Data Sources, in Airtable and Google sheets, give me the same answer when I try to see the data they have: “There was a problem fetching the Data. Please, check your imput and try again”…

And if I click Create New to try to use any other data base that I have in Airtable, in Add an Airtable Data Source, it only offers me to choose one of them, but not the one I want to create. I’m not sure if this has to do with the new OAuth rule, but it won’t allow me to work on my old data bases so I can re-upload the app to Google Play, as I need to do.

It’s been three days since I wrote commenting that I have problems with access to my Data Sources. I seem to remember that I was working on my new app
of animal vocabulary, when I came up with Connect Your App to Airtable by OAuth, and I am convinced that I have followed all the relevant steps… The fact is that since then, I had not worked at Thuncable again. Now that I have resumed the activity, I find that not only can I not access my old bases in Airtable, but I also cannot access the new ones that I have created… only the one with the animal vocabulary. Also, I can’t access the content of Google Sheets either…
I need to get back to normal and continue advancing in my projects. Please, do whatever you have to do, Thank you.

There’s no need to notify me when you create a topic. I read almost every topic and if I know and answer or suggestion and have time, I’ll post a comment.


Yes, Tatian, I know that, but I thought not everybody could help me in this. Thanks

Hello @similar2similar :wave:
As @tatiang mentioned, please be sure to check out our posts about How to ask Great Questions v2.0 and our Community Guidelines as you get started.

Regarding the issue, maybe the Data source connection was revoked or expired.
To reset the Google sheet connection you can follow the steps here: Google Sheets Data Source - Thunkable Docs and for Airtable here: Airtable Data Source - Thunkable Docs

Thank you. I Will do that

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