Problem with "When variable ____ initialize or change" component. Anyone else?

Hi Guys. I use this component in my app, and it worked fine for my purposes ever since. However, this week I noticed it stopped working, even in my back up stable apps where I do not fuss.

Has anyone experienced this recently?

Hi @dns.prado.s3vy,

Can you elaborate on this more? What kind of issues are you experiencing?

Have you tried removing the broken blocks and re-adding them, making a duplicate of the project or testing this out in a brand new project?

I haven’t personally noticed anything wrong with variables, but if you describe your issue to me & send in a screenshot of the blocks then I can try and re create it.

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Hi @eoinparkinson, thank you for your answer! I am sorry for my delayed response.

I still do not understand exactly what happened but I didnt have time to explore it. The thing is, in another screen the component worked fine, so it is probably my fault somehow. Right now I still cant work on this, but I will check what happened asap and come back here so we can discuss.


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