Problem with reminders app

hey guys,
i am trying to create a reminders app as part of a school project with thunkable ios/Thunkable X, but when i load up my app it simply displays a blank screen?!?!?!
there is my project, would really appreciate some help,
thanks in advance,



Why do you need an infinite loop that gives a white screen? You use the Screen1.Starts block 3 times. Try it 1 time, and code from other Screen1.Starts put in the functions that will be called from Screen1.Starts

You need to work with time, it is better to use Timer. First, we get the time using the WEB API and then turn on the timer.

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Thanks, could you post an example of what you mean, sorry i only have a basic understating of the blocks and components used in thunkable

An example of obtaining time you can see in this post.

Can you tell me in detail how you want to make reminders? At present, working with a date and time using blocks is not an easy task. But it can try to simplify it somehow.