Can you help me set up an in-app reminder?

I’m currently working on a mood tracking app, Im trying to include a daily reminder and Im not sure if what I have works. I put it to where the phone should vibrate at the set time. can someone look at it and see if it has any problems ?

You say you’re not sure if it works. How have you tested it and what have been the results?

A reminder app like this will only work (assuming the blocks are all correct) when the app is active and open. Not when it’s in the background or not running.

When you have something like this:


To troubleshoot this, you need to check the values of each side of the equals sign separately. So I would recommend that you set one label’s text to current hour + current minute and another label’s text to stored variable reminders. Then, check what is displayed and see if they match or if they are even displaying what you expect them to.

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I only didn’t test it before because I forgot I put vibrate instead of push notification and read that it only works on android and I have an iphone. i think I got it to where the values match but the vibrate , going back to screen 1 , and switching the text on the set reminder button doesn’t work

You should not have any blocks below a Navigate block. Once you navigate to another screen, those blocks below won’t run.

How did you verify that the values match?

I did the 2 labels to check them , so far it works for pm but im not sure if will work for am. when i do the preview , the text on the button switches but when I tried it on my phone , it didn’t work.

also, is there a way to make the app work in the background ?

As far as I know, Thunkable apps cannot run code in the background. But you can look into push notifications which have been mentioned a bunch of times in these forums. I don’t have experience with them myself.

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The latest Android versions (11 and 12) allow apps to run in background but the battery manager feature will close those apps after a while unless those apps are selected to keep running in the background from the phone setup options.

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