Background process


I would like to do API calls while the app is in background or when the phone is on hold;
Do you know if it is possible ? and how ?


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There is currently no such possibility. For a long time I tried to convince the Thunkable team that this was necessary, but I was not successful and I did not receive support from users.


thanks :frowning:

did you find a workaround ?

Much depends on what you need. In my case, it was a simple timer. A workaround was with Push Notification (there is a topic on how to set up Push Notification to only one user). I found another solution using the “Wait” block. To make it work, it was a complex scheme of logical checks and algorithmic calculations. My advice is just to come to terms with the fact that the project will not work in the background and build it with that in mind!


I want to “track” when the user uses really the phone with the app, when is using his phone but not the app, when the app is running or not.
I do not get your point with the notification ?

Push Notification was a workaround in my case. In your case, you can only track the time when the application is in use. The difference of up to 24 hours is the time in which it is not used. At the moment I can’t think of a workaround that would help in your case.