[Solved] Vibrate phone in every 30 minutes

I am creating a diary reminder app for myself.
I want myself to be reminded every 30 minutes to write in my diary.
It should start from morning 5.30 AM, and go till night11.30 PM.

My phone should vibrate 5 times every 30 minutes.
I did this in live test. The code is good, everything works fine…

Now, my app should go in background. (I can’t keep the App open every time…)
How can I do this?

App Link

(the link only has 20 seconds as timer time for test)

Thanks a lot :smile:

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Hi Kartik,

It’s now possible to keep a Thunkable X app open when the device is locked.


So what can I do?

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web viewer works in the background if streaming an audio file

When the device is locked?

The explanation of it says that it keeps THE SCREEN awake, not the app, cause I’d need to keep the app listening to firebase to receive notifications but it won’t if the screen is off

@maxb - no, not when the screen is off, unfortunately. I updated Jane’s post this morning to include a link to the recently released “Keep Screen On” block, but I missed this important part from Kartik:

So, in your case …

… unless you have your phone plugged in and kept on then this probably is a viable approach for you.

What sort of app are you building? And could you use push notifications instead?

I think I can but I still haven’t studied the notification component, I will when I get back to that part of the app, in the meanwhile I was solving with keeping the screen active on a blank screen

(btw dom, can you please help me? I’m trying to test thevideo component with an online video but I am not able to find a source that gets recognized and haven’t found yet something on the forum)