Medicine App Problem of Reminder notifications

Everyone , I am creating an app which will keep an track of the medicine for old people.Is there any component which I can use in my app for reminder notifications in my app.Here is the link of my app till now-
I will really appreciate help
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You could try create something manually in your project with the timer component @tchind, but the app would have to be open.

Are you able to release this app as a tracker first, and then update it when notifications improve at a later date?

Yes , It is working as tracker if you are within the app.

That’s great to hear.

For now, I’d recommend that you focus on launching and promoting your tracker app.

Get it out there and get user feedback. Perhaps notifications aren’t their highest priority, and the might prefer some accessibility features like making the text bigger in the app?

Go for it!

Hi , my app is not a tracker app. It is a reminder app. You have misunderstood. How should I add a reminder notification? Right now it gives reminder if you are in the app but doesnot if you are in any other app like thunkable live, Youtube etc


If you use the OneSignal component as well as the OneSignal API, you can send a push notification at intervals you can have the user set as a variable :slight_smile: :+1:

Hi, I would like to create a pill reminder app and let the user choose how many pills per day they take, hour of day and set an alarm so that they remember to take the pill. Is this possible with Thunkable how? Thanks.

@domhnallohanlon No one is responding, not even telling this is not possible. So that why now I am looking for any other platform. This could sound rude , sorry for that. @hdawc 's reply did not help.


Looks like you already have two timers in your project. Can you use those to have the app check a variable, to see if there’s a reminder set, perhaps every day (86400 seconds).

The other option is to have some sort of remote CRON signal the app silently, but I don’t know if that’s possible on Thunkable.

The problem is, the Alerts component in Thunkable won’t appear unless the app is open, so you need a Notification. I could be wrong but the only way I can see to notify someone is using OneSignal to send those Push Notifications so they alert the user even when the app isn’t open.

If you continue to have problems that need more advanced native solutions, maybe look at learning Flutter and code from scratch :slight_smile:


Can you make a prototype and pls help me.
Thanks in advance

No. I had to learn how to do all of these things myself.

It would benefit you to learn it yourself.

Plus, I don’t work for free…


You realize that dozens if not hundreds of this kind of app already exist, right? I don’t really get the point of trying to recreate apps that already are out there and work fine - specially not with a drag-drop-builder that has less possibilities and many limitations (like not being able to send push notifications at a certain time by default)…

However if you want to continue your project anyways, you might be able to do this by relying on some 3rd party that could send onesignal push messages at a certain time even when the app is closed and refer to this tutorial as well to send push notifications to certain users only: Sending Notification to Specific User with Onesignal

However it will be a lot to learn and a lot of work - therefor just as a reminder: this app already exists in several variants and I don’t see the point of doing all the work if people already use other apps for the same purpose :wink:

Best, Chris

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I’m not sure what you want me to tell you @tchind - @hdawc has already explained it quite clearly that the feature you are looking for is not currently available.

If you have a feature request, then we ask that you submit them via Github.

Following up on my question from last week:

Have you got any user feedback in the past week to actually say that this is a high-priority feature for your app?

@domhnallohanlon yes

Would you mind sharing some of this with us? Is it a review on the Play store or somewhere that we can see it?

@domhnallohanlon If i am making a pill reminder app and it does not notify me , then.

There’s no need to be rude - you specifically asked for my input and I’ve giving you the benefit of my experience:

So, you have anecdotal feedback, but none of your users have actually asked for this, right?

My very first suggestion was that you create a tracker. Each day when some one takes their medication they can track this behaviour. you can even get them to take a photo each day to have a log. It would be useful to help make sure that they don’t accidentally take two or more dosages each day.


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I hv got it!

Check this out

Check it out!

Is that a genuine question?

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