How to send reminder to specific user

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I did not find any latest posts about this.

I want to send reminders or notifications to users.
Explained: After the user selected the time from time input, i need to send a notification to that user at the selected time. I also want to set the title of the notification to the value from the text input.

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Do you want push notifications because in that case I might know.


@jaythemanchs but the ask here is for sending a notification, to a single user, at a user-defined time.

@tobi at the moment the Push notification component can’t do this level of granularity unfortunately.

What sort of app are you trying to make?

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Just trying to make a reminder app. That a user uses to remind him/herself to do a specific task.

Hi , I also want to make such a app. They do not have such a feature the responded to my post. But I promise, thunkable adds this feature my app will get as many downloads as whatsapp.Medicine App Problem of Reminder notifications - #6 by hdawc

(Now solution)


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check this Sending Notification to Specific User with Onesignal

@saramdl.gaunde021 I have followed this tutorial but I do not understand on which Event should I add the body of api? As Most of them are when this clicked or screen opens and I want to send theese notifications the time entered of remider happens. Can I make on events on my own in thunkable? And also this method is not working. help would be really appreciated
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i’m trying to my notification works too
i think you should read this documentation first

I hv got it!

Check this out