Task Reminder App - OneTick

Hey thunkers, welcome back! Today I am going to introduced my task reminder app. It has a lot of functions, like weather, news, stopwatch, timer, etc.
Please help me find bugs or suggest improvements.

Link to app:



  1. stopwatch function is not accurate - fixing

*Hello! *
*Firstly thank you so much for sharing this!! *
*It was really helpful!! *
*Just a quick question, can I implement just the reminders / to - do list feature, and delete the *
*rest of the features (like news and stopwatch) without destroying the whole app and run into *
*major bugs and errors?? Because my app, just needs a reminders screen. *


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You can try solving bugs yourself as it won’t be much. Better read the code and try to change the interface. I would not recommend copying the whole screen exactly as it is. Happy thunking!

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Thank you!!

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