Problem with parentheses in the list

I have a problem. If I press a button, a text is saved in the list, but when it is saved, it is saved with parentheses and I do not know how to delete it. Someone knows?

Can you show your block or project? The text in the list can be saved without brackets and without seeing an example it is difficult for me to say something.

Password.Texto and Group.Texto what values ​​do they have? If they are without brackets, then the values ​​should also be entered without brackets.

has no value is an empty text

In which block does the parenthesis appear, in List_Picker1?

I understood about the brackets

the parentheses appear in the application list when I set up a new list. I put the 2 texts together

Try instead of the “make list” block to use two blocks “add item to list”

I understood. You add to List_Picker not two values, but a list of two values. Therefore, parentheses appear. In this case, you must use the “select list item” block when selecting an option from List_Picker.

may be you want to try the solution that for me it works