Problem with Airtable

Good evening, I have the problem when I upload a photo to Airtable from Thunkable that it is not in the first row of the table.

You’re using the CreateRow method here @viewsoffenburgz6 - are you trying to update an existing record instead?

Try the UpdateRow block instead:

Let me know whether or not that works for you!

Are you trying to upload a photos url to airtable, then modify a field in the same row during a separate call to airtable(a second button click)?

You question makes it sound like you expect new rows to be in position 1 and push everything down?

Try when I take a photo that it is in airtable in the first line of the column and not in the ninth

Yes i want it on position one wenn i upload the photo in airtable and when i take a second photo on position 2