Airtable UpdateRow and UpdateRowNum - "Trouble Updating Row"

I’m having some trouble using UpdateRow and/or UpdateNumRow with airtable and I’d be grateful if someone can let me know what I’m doing wrong.

First I create the row in screen A (indirectly, by creating a row in another spreadsheet with a lookup to my main spreadsheet):

This creates the following in my AirTable:

(Extra rows cropped for simplicity)

Then navigate to screen B and update the row:

This prompts the following error:

Using UpdateRowNum creates the same error message, but giving a different field name (which is also valid)

If I use CreateRow here then the row is created successfully, so it’s not an issue with the data or with the AirTable setup, but it means I wind up with two rows where I need one.

I think I may be able to get around this by creating the record at a different stage in the process, but it’ll make the code a lot messier, so I’d be grateful if someone can spot my error.

ETA: It appears the issue is that the block is trying to update the wrong _id - I’m passing it the correct _id (see label above the error message below) but then the error message gives me a different one which doesn’t appear to correspond to any records in my airtable. Is this an artefact of the update process?

Updated images above to show this more clearly.

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Hey @ekc :wave:

Thanks for the detailed question!

Take a look at this tutorial to learn more about updating Airtable:

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I would like to view the same as i am having a similar issue but link is not available could someone help me with a work around updating a Airtable row in another screen.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ekc and @domhnallohanlon,

I get the same error “Trouble updating row …” in combination with airtable. I tried to narrow this error down, I hope this helps to find a clue. The error happens when simply speaking getting one row and writing it back (without chaning anything) with the block “updateRow”:

  • I use a simple airtable database, which can be found in the samples section from airtable ( This database consists of:
    – columns with text like “Name”, “Bio”, “Genres”
    – a column with a link to another table
    – a column with attachments (Photos)

I reduced my app to the neccessary parts to show the error:

  • get one row
    – don’t change anything in that row!
  • write back that row

and this simple setup leads to an error “Trouble updating row recQVetcetcetc. Invalid attachment object for field Photos: [object Object]”. Just to show, that the field “Photos” is valid I take an attachment and display it on my sample app.

Just in case:

  • the API key is valid
  • I am able to update single cells in that row. But it is a bit awkward and boring to write many cells instead of using one single block “updateRow”

Here are the blocks: