Problem whit trasmission Bluethoot - Arduino - Android

I have problems with the transmission in bluetooth, I can’t in any way get the hm-10 module to receive data from the app. I have tried other apps created with Thunkable but with negative results. I tried using BLE Scanner and through the write the module receives the data and prints them on the serial monitor. Some idea?

Hi @ixso88mi41et,

It’s a little bit outside your area of expertise, but what is your HM-10 connected to? An Arduino?

Please feel free to share the code that you are running your Arduino to listen for data that is transmitted from your Thunkable app.


hi @domhnallohanlon,
Yes the HM-10 module is connected to an arduino, the code is a simple softwareserial.
So I tried to send:
BLESerial.print (10);
BLESerial.print ( “Hello”);
BLESerial.write (10);
BLESerial.write ( “10”);
In all these cases the Thunkable app never received anything.
I have tried other BLE receiving apps and receive the data perfectly

Are you programming via the Arduino IDE?
Have you created a “BLESerial” object earlier in your code?
Do you have the Serial montior open?
Are your using the SoftwareSerial library for this?
Are the TX and RX pins connected the right way around??:grinning:

Yes I created everything well, and I have the serial monitor open. As I said, Thunkable works in transmission! Arduino receives everything perfectly! The problem is reversed! Thunkable does not receive data transmitted by arduino. But by opening any other mobile app the data is received without problems, so the problem is with the Thunkable app.

What baud rate are you using?

I use the normal 9600 also for Serial Monitor and BLESerial, HM-10 as set to 9600!

Some help?

Hi ixso88mi41et,

Were you able to solve this?

I’m working on a similar project, I was able to get it work, but I prefer to use Hardware Serial when working with the Arduino.

Let me know if you still need help so I can show you how I achieved my own

Hi @kufirre, isolved it by no longer using the HM-10 hardware and going directly to the arduino nano 33 BLE. The same works without any problem with android, I have some problems with Iphone but do not derive from the BLE system but from the configuration of my app.

ok great. I also have problems with iOS, I can send from iOS but I can’t receive. Are you able to receive to iOS?

@kufirre Just out of interest, are you on iOS 13?

Yes I am

That’s most likely the problem, I have the same issue on all iOS 13 devices. I can send but cannot receive Bluetooth data.

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Are you using the HM10 module? It was the same issue when I was using iOS 12, that’s before I upgraded. It seems to me like the problem might be from the Bluetooth module. Which are you using?

@ixso88mi41et What was the arduino code you used to send data to the app? Thanks