Bluetooth Function won't Transmit or Recieve

I have created an app that connects to a Bluetooth module for monitoring and controlling temperature on an Arduino Uno. I have tried it with both the SH-H3 and HC-08 modules and while I can connect to the module over bluetooth I am unable to send or receive strings. I know that the module is working fine based on the fact that I can communicate with it over a 3rd party bluetooth program such as Serial Bluetooth Terminal, but I just can’t get the Thunkable app to work with it. I have a similar app created with App Inventor using an HC-06 module that works flawlessly. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @colsen2022jb33x welcome to the Thunkable communtiy!

Do you mean HC-06?

To start with, make sure you have your location sensor enabled and that you are installing the app on your device.

Let us know whether or not that works for you.


No, it is an SH-HC-08. I am installing the app on my device. I also have the location sensor enabled.

@domhnallohanlon I have now gotten the transmit function to work. However the receive block still appears as nothing, however there is no error, and it does not show up as undefined. It is just an empty box as though nothing is being received. However I know the bluetooth module is transmitting data, as a different bluetooth terminal app is receiving it.

Anyone have any ideas on this?
I have tried different UUID’s for transmit and receive, different BLE modules (HC-08. HC-10) with no success. I can transmit, but when receiving no information comes through. This appears to be a very common problem and I would very much like to solve it and document it well for the Thunkable community.

Try setting the first set on the transmit to 0000ffe2

And receive to 0000ffe1