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Good morning for a few days in the app variable they are no longer visible between one screen and another, if I use the stored variables the application between one screen and another freezes thanks

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Are you able to share the project link? And if so, tell us which variables are having this problem?

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this is a small example of the problem that was not there before (3-4 days ago)

grazie :grinning:

Two things:

(1) The problem is that the “when Screen starts” or “when Screen opens” blocks are not working correctly. For example, this does nothing:


This problem has been reported on the forums today:

(2) You should not initialize a variable as text that you want to use for storing a list. This can break the variable. Do this instead:


If you fix the variable initialization in #2 above and then replace the “when Screen starts” blocks with “when button clicked” blocks, the rest of your blocks work correctly. See this modification:


thanks, I tried or use the buttons and it works but in my app I can’t use them because the contents of the variables are a web API Response. wait for it to work again the “when Screen starts” or “when Screen opens” Ciaooo

This variable is “2” coming in, I set it to “0” and set the label text to the variable…and it prints out as “2” not what I would expect, which was “0”. It seems so basic, what am I missing?

HI @magwa101, welcome to Thunkable!

Can you post a screenshot of all of your blocks that relate to that variable?

Hello I have not changed anything in my applications that worked until a week ago, when does this problem resolve? thank you so much

I have no idea unless I can see your blocks, sorry. It could be user error, it could be the “When screen opens” issue, it could be any number of things.

exactly the problem is when the screen opens or when the screen starts because if instead of opening the screen I use a button then it works (see example you made me)

these are the blocks :slightly_smiling_face:

screen1 screen2

This is a known issue: Issue with "when Screen Starts" event since Jan 12, 2021

Please ignore the “< 100” as that was just code to avoid the problem.

Basically setting the app variable BookViewerIndex to zero was not working. My workaround was the “change” variable to 100.