Printing a precompiled module

Good morning,
I have to compile an app that, after collecting all the data, generates a report, which acts as a receipt. The report must be visualized on an already defined format and can not be modified (it is in word). I can possibly generate it in HTML.

Anyone can suggest how to generate this form, so that it can be printed and sent by email?


In the variable report copy your html. Mail is sent using the mailto: protocol.


thanks for your answer. The email transmission is currently the last of the priorities because I still can not generate a receipt. through the webpages viewer if I set the home url to the html file I see it, but if I enter the code directly I do not generate the form but it remains always white.

I’m afraid I did not quite understand you. Can you show me blocks of what you are doing and what does not work? Do you want to enter the html code direct to the Web Viewer.URL property?