Print a file inside webviewer

My web viewer shows a “PRINT” button to print the file.
but when I click on it, it doesn’t give any response.
I want when the user click the print option, it should print the file or save it as pdf.

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Hey @865ca44dd7bc41, Can you share the project Link?

Also, Welcome back to the community

Does the same web page prints correctly and as expected if run directly from the browser?

see the project link:

Yes, it prints on other browser.

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That’s good news. So use the open link block in the control drawer instead of the Web Viewer. This will work for you unless you have a specific use for the web viewer component in your app.

by using open link it opens in other web browser.
Will it not work inside web viewer?

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You are the one who said it does not print from a web viewer. I have no idea if this is having to do with your web page or other issues as you have not provided enough info.