Invoicing creating

Hi everyone.

Im looking at creating creating an invoicing app for my friends buisness There is a few things that i want the app to do. One is once all the data is inputed i can preview the invoice. Add pictures to the invoice. Add a pay now function and the last thing once the invoice is complete it automatically sends the invoice to my email plus sends it to the customers email.

I apologise for the list but if anyone can offer some guidance it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again Darren


because you need the formatting to display the invoice and the images in it, then this will require the use of web technologies in the WebViewer component, since the current version of Thunkable X has a small functionality for the implementation of this native method.

Do you know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, etc.?


Hi Alex

Thank you for the response. I have no real knowledge on anything like this. If you can offer a little guidance to get me heading in the rigt direction it would be much appreciatiacted.



For a start I would suggest you to draw on a sheet of paper (or a graphics editor) how the information in your application should look like. Then you will see what you need to do, and you can gradually make a sketch of the app in Thunkable X. In the process, you will see whether with the help of Thunkable X or to do something impossible or very difficult. Then you need to look for workarounds.

Ah right okay i have a rough idea how it was gonna be layed out on the app just not sure how you transfer that in to a invoice format to send to the customer.

Try to send the html form of the invoice by email using the protocol email:. Instead of the image, you need to insert a link to it in the body of the message.