Preciso de ajuda HELP

Help me, my name is Gabriel i from Brazil and need help.

It’s possível?

bem vindo à comunidade! @gabrielgebhatdtgaifg Sim, isso é possível! Você já tem um serviço de criador de código QR? O possui um serviço fácil e gratuito para criá-los. Ou você precisa de um aplicativo que leia isso? Se assim for, thunkable pode fazer isso também!

Parece que você está criando algum tipo de aplicativo de caça ao tesouro ou uma lista de tarefas, talvez?


Oi! Well it’s actually very possible, although you can generate a list but not the ticking (I think).

Think it of it this way; instead of looking all the screen a something complex try dividing it in many little steps.

I’ll teach you how to do this for your first screen.

  1. You need a QR
    1.1 Google / Search how a QR works.
    1.2. Generate a QR in your web browser (there are many generators out there)
  2. Start small by using the blocks for the QR reader in Thunkable with a simple message ‘Oi Mundo!’
    2.1 Try other types of messages.
    3.0 Have a message separated by commas
    3.1 Look at the blocks from the lists or texts I believe there is one that you can create a list from a text separated by commas :slight_smile:

Actually I did a little bit more but you get the point :slight_smile: if a task is difficult just separate it in more tiny steps!

Hope this helps!


Hi, thanks for see my question.
My english is bad ;/
But I try…

Good night, thanks for the answers!

I am an IT employee at a college in Brazil and I have the desire to develop an app to read the lists of materials through a Qr code (this step I already managed) that will save us papers because the lists repeat, but I want the list of materials be in a way that I can mark each material as a checklist but I am not able to put a switch for each item.

app link:

You can create a list of items with the blocks :slight_smile: and don’t worry if your English is perfect. Let us know if you need help.

If you must have the sliders I suggest this; creating a row for every element for the list you scan with a slider of their own.


I haven’t got it yet :pensativo: :frowning_face:
Maybe it would be easier if I manage to make each item on the list turn into a button and not the entire list, and also a system to count clicks and store them in a spreadsheet I don’t know …
To have inventory control

Whatever suits you best! :slight_smile: My tip is to try with different things, I have a guide in spanish (which I can gladly translate to portuguese)

I hope this explains it better. Then if you want to use the slider or a button for any given element I would use the when any button click block in the same category of ‘Any component’ and determine which componen is by the name, color etc.

To connect it to a web served database I suggest mapping all the functions out, you complete a task and it uploads to your database? how do you know who completed that task? Why if it was an error? How can you undo a task that was submitted because an error?



Yep, you’d need to use the Any Component blocks if you want to have a checkbox that is “tickable” @gabrielgebhatdtgaifg - however, just as another option, @darren has a new tutorial on creating a to-do list with the new Data Viewer component, that might suit you need?

There are also other suggestions from Jane and myself in the community too.

Hopefully these are helpful for you.


thank you so much @Sofia ! It will be very useful. :slight_smile:
Yes, I want to store the task data.

2 pens
2 pencils

ok initial checklist

at the end of the class we check the material:

1 pen
2 pencils

So, we lost 1 pen. So we click the number of times we find the material

1 pen (one click >> database: one pen returned to the stock only)

However, these materials will come from the scanned code