Checklist for thunkable x

please help me i’m trying to do a screen for check list where users can add and remove an item. thanks :frowning:

Check out Darren’s tutorial to learn how to do this:

Best of luck with your app @kape_coffeee

hi, thanks for the help!!! but does it also remove an item that you put in the list? i’m planning to remove it when the user is done (like a check list).

Hi @kape_coffeee, Yes the tutorial includes both adding and removing items!


thanks! :slight_smile:

so i’ve watched darren’s tutorial about checklists and there is an issue that i couldn’t solve. there are times wherein the checklist won’t work while there are times that it works. i’ve checked the blocks repeatedly and nothing seems to be wrong. can you please help me?

In companion mode? IOS or Android?

Can you provide the blocks.

Can you share a screenshot of your blocks here please?

this is the screenshot it works sometimes but there are times that it just doesn’t work. there are a lot of lists like that but i built it all based on these blocks. please help me.

i use the cross platform x but i edit on iOS

I’ve made a list like this before with the help of Darren.
Had the same problem, but Darren has also a better version.
Just look it up on the forum; To do list Darren or Dinto.
I just watched the tutorial from Domhnall and this was also a good list version.
I still had some problems when i had two list inside the app.
One list worked perfectly and the other one didn’t.
If I clicked on a item in the list that didn’t worked, that same item didn’t move from the list but the item under that item or above the item I clicked.
I will try and see if I could build the list from Domhnall.


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Thanks for watching @Dinto,

Here’s the video @kape_coffeee in case you’re interested: