I want features

Hello Thunkable Staff,
We will be so happy to see these features below in Thunkable Cross:
Please Thunker leave a like if you agree.

  1. Date Picker (Very important)
  2. Drop menu (Very important)
  3. QR Code reader (Works offline)
  4. Animation (For components)
  5. Click ability (For Lotti images)
  6. Work in background (App works while it closes) “It can be a replacement of Push notification which needs the device to be online to receive messages” (Very important)
  7. List view (Has images in addition to items)
  8. Screen shot (Ability to take a screen shot from the app)
  9. Animation color (Ability to animate the color of the components)
  10. To say that all points above are possible in the near future. LOL

My best regards,

  • Hayder


:arrow_right: Numbers :

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
    are very important…
& the most important...

Number 10! :rofl:


Check out Thunkable Github.

Some of the features you have requested are already sent in via Github (the main place to suggest stuff/report errors) and ones like extended list viewer which I believe will include the ability to insert images and hopefully buttons will also be added soon, check out the Release Notes.

And the app does work in the background. I had web viewer working with a radio station audio stream, worked a dream in the background, although timers just don’t work, or the like.

Post this on Github. The developers check there :slight_smile:


That’s why I request this feature because we do not know 100% it will be there.

You mean that app still open but I mean to close the app 100% and works while it closes 100% just to build apps like an alarm or school table to inform teachers about the time of their lessons.
Thank you mate!

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Ah yes I understand you now! The app cannot run while exited (swiped up/to the side) in ios/android. This would be pretty cool.

And I myself believe that extended list viewer will include features like photos and potentially buttons is from this post in GitHub:

As I have highlighted in the photo above, this has been suggested just over a year ago, so chances are that it has been in the making for a while, and the fact that in Release Notes it mentions the exact name this suggested feature request was given, it has my hopes held high :smiley:


View the GitHub link here.


Qr code should be Qr / Bar Code scaner

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Hello there, @cacique :wave:

I have a topic on your Question…

Have a look : Generating QR Code with Thunkable X

(At the end of the topic, you’ll find a Medium post for scanning qr codes.)

Thanks! :smile:

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Hello Karik, thank for your concern, I´m have already Checked on that post, work´s on Qr but not on BarCodes, I´m searching for some api specifically that works on Barcodes, how ever any have show that can be integrated with the web api method.

If you know any or have any Idea. please help

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