Pre-Holiday Thunkable Release (Nov 20) - Publish to iOS with two-factor, Tab icons, Text input updates and visible component properties

Hey Thunkers,

Today, we are excited to launch a few features that have been highly anticipated in the community. We really appreciated your patience as we worked to bring you these features–and we still have more in store before the end of 2018.

1) Publish to the iOS App Store with two-factor authentication turned on.

In the spirit of improving security on your account, Apple recently implemented a change that requires most users to turn on two-factor authentication on their accounts. Unfortunately, that meant you couldn’t publish to the App Store on Thunkable . . . until now. For those with two factor authentication turned on, there are three add’l steps required to help us verify your account with Apple.

2) Tab icons!

The Bottom Tab is featured in the latest iteration of the Gram app

Tab navigators, especially the bottom tabs are a popular way to organize an app. This took a bit longer than expected but today we are introducing two new components, a Top Tab Navigator and a Bottom Tab Navigator in which you can add both icons and text and background colors.

IMPORTANT The tab navigator component in existing projects will still be supported but we highly encourage you to upgrade to the new Top and Bottom Tabs

3) Text Input update

Did you ever wonder why the keyboard covered up the bottom portion of your app when you and your users typed into it? Well, today we are excited to announce that when the keyboard is used, the bottom part of the screen should be visible (so that you can see what you type).

4) Visible property for visible components like WebViewers

For those Thunkable Classic fans out there, we are bringing you the very popular “visible” property for all visible components that can be hidden when you no longer want to show them to your users.

Full release notes are here including features that we are working on as we speak!

Albert on behalf of the Thunkables


Oh my gosh, thank you so much!
A chance to me coming back to Thunkable


Nice one for the apple thingy, I’ll soon be publishing my app thanks to you.
Any news on the admob component ?

We are hoping to have this ready by early next year. It’s likely going to work a little differently than we have on Classic since our friends at AdMob want to make sure we carefully limit the apps that are using AdMob in a way that violates their policies. More details to come.